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… taking part in the financial revolution of the

21st century: blockchain

We are a maverick company with one goal in mind:
To help you understand the language of the next-generation finance
The language of blockchain technology

Meet the Team

The members of the executive team have proven their competency in their respective fields of expertise throughout years of sustained success. The team comprises four directors each of whom leads a subsidiary while at the same time contributing to the overall management, who all met blockchain in its early years, and who have been professionally working in the field since 2013.

Att. Onur Atam


Legal Affairs

Onur Atam is the chief executive officer of the conglomerate and the managing director of BitcoinAdam, who is also an attorney at law at his own legal counsel firm. He is actively researching the legal implications of the use of blockchain technology.

Levent Kurt

Board Member

Research & Trade

Levent Kurt is the author of the first Turkish book on blockchain technology1, the managing director and chief editor of CoinTurk, and an investment adviser at Cryptomerian. He is also working as an Academic Specialist at Middle East Technical University.

(1) Kurt, Levent. Kripto Para Bitcoin: Finansal Özgürlüğün Eşiğinde. Ankara: Murat Kitabevi, 2015.

Dr. Güvenç Koçkaya

Board Member

Financial Affairs

Güvenç Koçkaya is an assistant professor at Beykent University, lecturing on pharmacoeconomics, who is at the same time a market access director in an international consulting company. He is the managing director and portfolio manager of Cryptomerian, and the finance editor at CoinTürk. His blockchain studies are directed at the financial aspects of cryptocurrencies and of cryptocurrency mining.

Can Soysal

Board Member

Technology & Exchange

Can Soysal is the managing director of Bitkapital. Having been working as an independent blockchain technology and business solutions researcher, he is also the chief business development officer in another blockchain finance project named The Blockchain Brokerage. He continues his academic studies as a research assistant at Middle East Technical University.

Yiğit Demirel

Software Manager

Serhat Ant

Content Editor

Dilara Soysal



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